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Whimsy Whoo is proud to be the premier clothing boutique serving Fayetteville, Arkansas! When you want the latest and most stylish fashion, head to Whimsy Whoo to find something that's perfect for you! We carry all kinds of funky, fashionable women's clothing and accessories, so whether you're refreshing your wardrobe or just looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to complement your cutest top, you can find it here at Whimsy Whoo. Add a little bit of whimsy to your outfit with our dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and so much more! You can look around online to get an idea of what we offer, but there's really no substitute for heading in to Whimsy Whoo and trying things on for yourself!


Mon-Fri : 10am-6pm

Saturday : 10am-4pm

1350 S. Gutensohn #4 Springdale AR 72762

Fun, Funky and Fabulous - That's What the Whoo is all About!

Does Clothing Make The Woman?

Does Clothing Make The Woman

To an extent, clothing really does make the woman. Of course, you are you--but your outfit is a brilliant way to showcase your personality. And here at Whimsy Whoo, we're here to help you be the most comfortable you can be with yourself. Whether you're feeling fun, funky, fabulous, casual, or anything else, you can find the clothes, shoes, and accessories that let the world know just that. Whether you're looking for a little or a lot, the trip to Whimsy Whoo is worth it! Take charge of your wardrobe and make your look more uniquely "you" by coming to Whimsy Whoo!

Whimsy Whoo is a Fun and Funky Gift Shop

Of course, Whimsy Whoo is a great place to get gifts for friends, as well--and don't forget to treat yourself! Our gift shop has awesome graphic tees, adorable and chic decor pieces, funky accessories, jewelry, and much more! No matter how fashionable and distinctive your tastes (or the tastes of your friends) are, you're sure to find something that fits perfectly here at Whimsy Whoo! Fun, funky, fabulous, fetch--that's what Whimsy Whoo is all about! Whether you're buying for yourself or for someone else, we're always a great place to go.

Does the Woman Make the Clothing?

Extensive Collection of Gifts For Women

Clothing make the woman, but the woman also makes the clothing! You have a distinctive style that's all your own, and we here at Whimsy Whoo, serving Fayetteville, want to encourage that! That's why we carry a huge variety of fun, fashionable clothing and accessories. But no matter how great our clothes and accessories are, you're the one who can really make them shine. The clothing and accessories here at Whimsy Whoo are like a canvas--and you're the artist that can make them into a masterpiece every day! Come to Whimsy Whoo and prepare to find your inspiration to create your own unique look.

What Makes Fayetteville, Arkansas so Great?

Whimsy Whoo is positively pleased to serve a great city like Fayetteville! There's so much to love in Fayetteville, a truly fun and funky city! In fact, whether you live here or are just visiting, you've probably seen all the "Keep Fayetteville Funky" bumper stickers around town, and these stickers represent the incredible spirit of the city. From the pomp and history of the University of Arkansas to the vibrant life of Dickson Street, from the bustling atmosphere of Fayetteville Square to the numerous parks and trails, you're sure to find so much to love about Fayetteville. You can catch a Hogs game, enjoy some blues, or eat amazing BBQ right here in Fayetteville. Local businesses make up a huge part of a city's appeal, and we here at Whimsy Whoo are proud to be a small business that serves Fayetteville. Come check us out at 1350 S. Gutensohn #4, Springdale, AR 72762! We can't wait to see you!

What Makes Fayatteville, AR So Great?
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